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Why do stories work?
…and how can we make our stories work better?


Have you ever wondered how stories, be they ancient folk tails, religious sermons, or modern start-up pitches, have the unique ability to persuade human audiences? What is it about story that resonates so much with our psyche, and how can we map our own stories to be compelling? In its simplest for, the Wisdom Pyramid is a model that helps us layout and discuss story structure based on how we want an audience to understand and interpret our story.



 Like similar narrative models, the Wisdom Pyramid consists of a three-act structure to lay out the sequence of events for a story. The addition of a Y-Axis gives us the opportunity to discuss the evolution of thematic “wisdom” over the course of a narrative.


We know that it takes a long time to change our minds about deeply held beliefs, and all of the right elements need to be in place. The Wisdom Pyramid helps us understand how these elements are structured over the course of a compelling story to enable a prevailing notion to decay, and a New Wisdom to grow.



Once we recognize the language of narrative, we can’t help but see it everywhere around us – movies shows and commercials, business presentations, and even our own memories! Ready to learn more? Start by taking two minutes to learn The Midpoint Game.